How does it work?

Our cloud-based FinTech platforms will speed up and improve your financial processes and take them to the next level - no matter if you are coming from an SME or a large investment fund.

All our platforms are available as cloud-based SaaS/PaaS (Software/Platform as a Service) solutions. Investing in such software means that you are paying for using the service, not for ownership of the platform.

Installation and customization of the platform is an initial one-time cost. Additional costs only occur if further development or additional maintenance is required in your particular case.

A major advantage for all our customers is the use of established, proven models and workflows, which means a secure, faster and cheaper start-up.

Phase 1


The installation phase refers to server installation, as well as installation and configuration of platform software.

The most common method is to install the “core software” (Stage11 core) on Amazon AWS server, in Availability Zone closest to your target market. After the installation, software customization based on your specific needs is implemented and all additional modules are also installed.


Phase 2


Stage11 FinTech platforms are white label solutions, which means that you can re-brand them in accordance with your own name, graphic profile and design. Other customizable details are: default currency, calculation fees, custom KYC and required, business documentation for agreements and sign-offs.

In specific situations, where appropriate technical documentation is available, this one-time fee can also include establishment of the API connection to the credit rating agency of your choice and their credit rating score model. The main pre-requisite here is that such an API is well-tested and documented.


When you use Stage11 as your provider, you can also take advantage of the electronic signature and identity verification tool provided by our partner Scrive. Scrive is accepted all over the world and includes compatibility with all existing European BankID and e-signature solutions worldwide. The tool complies with global contract law and GDPR legislation. Scrive is integrated on all our FinTech platforms.

Additional development and administration

All other extra services that require additional development or administration are charged separately. This includes possible translation work, additional API-connections to credit rating resources or bookkeepeng systems and similar add-ons, as well as installing other identity verification tools that might be specific for your target market.


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