The Stage11 mindset

Your bank's interest rate is either low or equal to zero as you are reading this. Actually, it's already negative, since the official interest rate is always less than the rate of inflation.

Banks have been dominating the financial world since the very beginning. Luckily, this age of financial alchemy will soon fade into oblivion.

Stage11 is a team of experienced economists, financial system architects and investors, on a mission to speed this process up. Our money should be used to improve the world we live in. We should decide the ways to save it, borrow it and invest it.

The financial platforms we provide are making this possible. We are closing the gap between lenders, borrowers, investors and financial entities. Unnecessary intermediaries like traditional banks are eliminated, providing better returns for all stakeholders.

Some of our clients have figured out that things like crowdlending and crowdinvesting are optimal for cross-border financing of large state-owned projects.

By doing so, potential investors are avoiding traditional money routes via banks. This makes the investment flow much more effective = transparent, faster, cheaper and independent.

We strongly believe in organizations like Positive Money and support the idea of making money & banking work for society, not against it.

Despite our disruptive orientation, our clients are both regular banks and private financial institutions and factoring agencies. The majority of them are located in the emerging markets of Europe, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

We hope to welcome you soon to Stage11as our client and partner!

Stage11 mindset


When becoming our customer, your success is our success.
Working with us means starting a partnership that provides you with technology to become a market leader – and remain one in the future.

We also offer a Reseller Program, allowing you to grow your own FinTech service portfolio under your brand name and business strategy.

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