Invoice factoring software

Invoice factoring software

white label factoring software

Fast, secure and flexible invoice factoring software, available as a white-label, Cloud-based SaaS solution.

Invoice factoring software by STAGE11

Run your factoring business online, using our Stage11 factoring software for seamless factoring process. It is available as a white-label solution you can brand as your own and launch to the market to attract more audiences from different spheres.

The latest version of our software comes with a client portal characterized by an interactive dashboard, multilingual and multicurrency options, ledger accounts, and functionalities that allow online submission of invoice details and an instant quote calculation based on the company’s business model, reputation and credit rating.

In addition, our invoice factoring solution offers the following benefits and features:

  • Fully automated invoice factoring
  • Advanced risk scoring model
  • Fast approval process
  • Instant and transparent online invoice pricing
  • Worldwide electronic-ID verification™
  • Flexible & customizable KYC/KYB/AML module
  • API connectivity to any external accounting system or CRM

Apart from standard online factoring, our Stage11 solution also offers the possibility of connecting additional modules in order to include: reverse factoring, international factoring, invoice discounting and invoice trading, all combined in one single installation.

Invoice factoring in short

Invoice factoring enables companies to generate short-term capital by assigning and selling invoices to a third party, called a factor. It serves the purpose of cash flow financing and helps to increase the liquidity of a company. Invoice factoring does not constitute a loan – a company sells outstanding invoices and grants the factor an appropriate discount. This process is realized with the help of invoice factoring software.

Invoice Factoring Software - Factoring Process

Upon agreement, the factor makes money available to the invoice supplier. In most cases, this is done in two installments - one immediate, which covers most of the invoice amount, and another, which is due after full invoice collection.

Reliable Invoice Factoring Software is what makes the difference

If you want to get the best out of the factoring business, you need reliable and high-quality software. While many solutions seem to offer similar features, there are still some major aspects that make the difference: approval time, financing requirements, pricing, connectivity to external systems, ease of use, and similar. Choosing a solution equipped with such functionalities means performing all the factoring processes in a more simplified way.

Fast and Secure Factoring


There are several reasons to use online invoice factoring software. It is one of the fastest ways to quickly increase the company´s liquid assets, usually within a day. Online factoring also requires far less administration time and reduces costs.

Improved Cash Flow


Online factoring works particularly well if you have a business with reliable customers that pay on time. The cash flow improves by enhancing factoring processes, building new, strategic partnerships with your clients - which allows for better financial planning.

Transparent Factoring Process


Traditional banks and factoring companies have long processes, with hidden fees and sometimes unexpected security requirements. By using a quality digital factoring platform, your clients will receive response and direct price estimations instantly. Payments are also much faster, since there is always an option of using open banking payment initiation service (PIS), or integrated Stripe payment option.

SaaS Invoice Factoring

Cloud-based SaaS solution

Stage11 factoring software is developed in close collaboration with factoring agencies and their clients, and is now available as a cloud-based SaaS solution from Stage11.

Since our software is available through an external hosting model, no local installations or upgrades are necessary. The implementation process is much faster and the entry cost is low. Such cloud-based solution is scalable and upgrades are much simpler.

If your business requires a more solid environment, you also have the opportunity to choose a Private Cloud (on-premise) hosting with dedicated server resources. Regardless of your final choice, our software will allow you to build a factoring platform that can be accessed at any time, as long as you and your clients have a stable internet connection.

White label invoice factoring software

All our software is delivered as white label solutions. White label means that you have the freedom to brand your new digital platform as your own, using our software to grow and promote your business.

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