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Invoice factoring

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Start your factoring business online, using our latest technology software.
Fast, secure and flexible digital invoice factoring & invoice financing platform, available as a white-label, Cloud-based SaaS solution.

Invoice factoring in short

Invoice factoring is a way for businesses to find short-term capital through selling and assigning invoices to a third party at a discount. The purpose is to fund cash flow and the third party is usually called a ”factor”. Invoice factoring is not a loan - the business sells the invoices to a factor for an additional fee. This process is performed using invoice factoring software.

Invoice Factoring Platform Software - Factoring Process

Upon agreement, the factor advances you the money. In most cases, invoice factoring has two payouts: one immediate - covering most of the invoice amount, and another after invoice collection. The factor will pay the second installment after complete invoice payment has been received, minus fees.

Online invoice factoring platform

When using quality cloud factoring software, invoice details are submitted online and an instant quote is produced, based on the company´s business model, its reputation and credit rating.

Fast and Secure Factoring


There are several reasons to use online invoice factoring software. It is one of the fastest ways to quickly increase the company´s liquid assets, usually within a day. Online factoring also requires far less administration time and reduces costs.

Improved Cash Flow


Online factoring works particularly well if you have a business with reliable customers that pay on time. The cash flow improves by enhancing factoring processes, building new, strategic partnerships with your clients - which allows for better financial planning.

Transparent Factoring Process


Traditional banks and factoring companies have long processes, with hidden fees and sometimes unexpected security requirements. By using a quality digital factoring platform, your clients will receive response and direct price estimations instantly. Payments are also much faster, since there is always an option of using open banking payment initiation service (PIS), or integrated Stripe payment option.

STAGE11 factoring platform features

Some main features that our online factoring system offers are:

  • Fully automated invoice factoring
  • Advanced risk scoring model
  • Fast approval process
  • Instant and transparent online invoice pricing
  • Reverse factoring
  • International factoring
  • Invoice trading (interactive investor portal)
  • Worldwide electronic-ID verification™
  • Flexible & customizable KYC module
  • API connectivity to any external accounting system or CRM

Invoice trading ⇄ Invest in invoices

The investor portal is one of the additional key features we offer. Our clients are able to invite investors to their factoring platforms and offer invoices for financing. The latest version of our investor portal module includes the improved interactive investor dashboard, direct deposits, multicurrency options, cross-border investments, ledger accounts and much more. Demo available 24/7!

What makes the difference?

What should you look for in an invoice factoring platform? Many platforms seem to offer similar features, but there are still some major differences: approval time, requirements for financing, pricing, connectivity to external systems etc. are all things worth considering. However, that´s not all. A quality invoice factoring platform needs to have user-friendly features available on the go, combined with advanced FinTech software that performs all necessary calculations for the factoring process.

Apart from standard online factoring, Stage11 platform also offers the possibility of performing reverse factoring, international factoring, invoice discounting and invoice trading, all combined in one single installation.

SaaS Invoice Factoring

Cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution

Stage11 factoring platform is developed in close collaboration with factoring agencies and is now available as a cloud-based SaaS solution.

Since the software is available through an external hosting model, no local installations or upgrades are necessary. The implementation process is much faster and the entry cost is low. Such a cloud-based solution is scalable and upgrades are much simpler. It is also readily accessible wherever you have an internet connection. Installation and initial customization are one-time fee and your time-to-market is minimal.

White label invoice factoring software

All our platforms are white label solutions. White label means that you have the freedom to brand your new digital platform as your own, using our software to grow and promote your business. Welcome to Stage11 – your invoice factoring software provider!

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